The Best Door Stopper Options in 2022 - Top Picks by Bob Vila

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While this hardworking piece often fades into the background, some door stops add elegance and even a touch of whimsy to a home. To choose the best door stop for your space, you have to be aware of each type—and what they’re good for.

There are also specialized designs for pocket doors, sliding doors, and other door types. Now that you’re familiar with door stopper varieties, it’s time to start shopping.

A good door stop is reliable and gets the job done, whether that’s protecting walls from dings and dents or propping a heavy door open. Read on for the best door stoppers for a variety of common uses.

This stainless steel magnetic door stop from WINONLY is unique in that it attaches via an adhesive, thus leaving no permanent marks on your wall, baseboard, or door. That unique mounting also means it can attach anywhere; it’ll work just fine on the top or bottom of the door as well as any area in the middle, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the handle. For better strength, use screws.

Soft-catch features will keep your door from slamming against the door stop, while the spring buffer in the catch absorbs even more force. Even though these door stops have a powerful hold, a simple tug is enough to pull the door away, allowing it to close.

These durable spring door stoppers are available in four finishes: satin nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, chrome, and brass-plated. These standard finishes, complete with matching soft tips, are designed to complement any décor.

Choose from a set of 15 or go big with a 50-piece set. Installation is also easy. Simply drill your hole in the baseboard, mount the base, and place the spring in the appropriate position with the included screw.

Door stoppers are a simple piece of door hardware, but that doesn’t mean they need to be boring. To add a decorative and functional touch to a room, consider this rope knot door stop from Creative Co-Op. Wrapped in thick, off-white rope, this door stop has a nautical feel that adds character to any room.

This weighted door stop measures 6.25 by 6.25 by 6.25 inches and weighs 4.5 pounds, making it suitable for most indoor doors. The textured rope and medium weight keeps it in place and a carry handle makes it easy to move around.

Available in six finishes, each with matching rubber tips and measuring 2.5 inches by 1.75 inches, these hinge pin door stops by HOMOTEK are easy on the eyes and easy to install. To install, simply remove the hinge pin on any door, slip the pin through the door stop, and replace the pin in the hinge.

For larger pins, remove the spacer in the hinge pin hole to ensure a proper fit. The adjustable rubber-head screw helps achieve just the right length for the stop, thus preventing any issues with the door handle from coming too close to the wall. For added confidence in these hinge pins, add adhesive bumper pads where the pin meets the door jamb.

Baseboard door stops are an inexpensive choice for protecting your walls, and these heavy-duty versions from Homotek are a reliable pick. Made of a sturdy zinc alloy and with a wide and soft rubber tip, they’ll protect both your walls and your door. This pack includes four door stops measuring 2.88 inches long. You can choose from a selection of common finishes, including black, white, bronze, and satin nickel.

These door stops are quick to install to a baseboard with just a drill and screwdriver. Screws are included with each stopper. With their simple design and affordable price, these baseboard stoppers are an excellent choice for any room.

Add an extra defense against intruders with the Master Lock security bar. This security door stopper can be used on both traditional hinged doors and sliding doors. With a removable door knob jam, adjustable length, and pivoting foot with a rubber grip bottom, it’s designed to slide under door knobs or wedge into sliding doors, preventing them from opening from the outside.

The bar is made of sturdy 20-gauge steel, so you can count on it holding up to a forced entry attempt. It can adjust from 27.5 inches to 44.5 inches long to suit a variety of doors and to make it easier to bring along on your travels.

A sturdy wedge door stopper is an excellent pick for hefty doors; they jam between the door and the floor to prevent the door from closing. Weighty doors won’t budge with these heavy-duty wedge door stops from Strongest Home. Two door stops are included in this set.

Since they’re made of sturdy zinc, these wedge stoppers won’t crack or break, even  under heavy pressure. A non-scratch rubber grip keeps them in place on any floor surface, from tile to carpet. Each stopper measures 1.18 inches high, which is suitable for most doors.

With a magnetic design and floor or wall mounting options, the WINONLY magnetic door stop is an excellent dual-purpose choice for both protecting walls and propping doors open. For those looking for a more affordable set with bulk option, the Jack N’ Drill spring door stop is a cost-friendly option with a simple design.

A door stop is used to prevent the door from hitting the wall when it opens, or to keep a door open or closed.

Install the door stop as recommended by the manufacturer. Most door stops install onto the wall, baseboard, or floor, but a few attach directly to the door.

A door stop hinge pin, baseboard, magnetic, floor, or wall-mounted door stop are some examples of stoppers that can prevent wall damage.

Depending on the door stop type, they should be installed to the wall, baseboard, floor, or directly onto the door. Some types don’t need installation and can be placed in front or behind the door.

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